Stay Sober Forever

Welcome to Stay Sober Forever

Do you want to quit drinking and Stay Sober Forever?

Welcome To Your Confidential Digital Community Of Recovering And Recovered Individuals.

The community and program you need without the 20K rehab price tag

Our Latest Student Talks About the course and system

About The Creator of the system

Hello, I'm Matt Farnsworth

Hello, I am Matt Farnsworth. The creator of This platform was born out of a personal journey and a desire to create a supportive, safe, and judgment-free space for those navigating the road to sobriety.”

I needed this when I was getting sober so I built for all of you. 

This platform isn’t just for those battling addiction. It’s for anyone affected by it, and that includes those who’ve walked the difficult path and emerged victorious. Your journey, your experiences, and your triumphs can serve as invaluable lifelines for those still fighting the battle.

Stay Sober Forever is more than just a platform. It’s a movement, a mission to create a supportive and enlightening community where everyone plays a part in healing and growing.

Here's What Awaits You

Share Your Journey

Use your recovery story as a beacon of hope for others struggling with addiction. Your experiences can lend strength and inspiration to others on the path to sobriety. Share your story in videos, photos, and written words within our 'Sober Space' forum. It's a chance to make a difference, and maybe find the help you didn't know you needed.

Become A Pillar Of Support

Offer your advice, provide comfort, share your strategies, and lend a helping hand in our private community.

Live Engagement

Join me and other members every Friday night on our live stream event 'Sober Hour', where we discuss progress, challenges, and celebrate victories.

Guide And Be Guided

'SoberBot', our virtual assistant, keeps everyone on track with daily reminders, check-ins, and motivational boosts, all in my tone of voice.

A Personal Space

Communicate freely, share your journey via photos, videos, and more with your personalized profile page. All with the choice of making it public or keeping it private.


The Best Part

Ready to join our cause? Let’s make this journey easier for each other. Let’s Stay Sober Forever.

Why Join Stay Sober Forever?

This is a system that typically would cost a monthly fee, but due to donations, it does not. You get to join for free and have full access to the system at no cost to you.  You gain access to a vibrant, supportive online community and a chance to change lives, including your own. 

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